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Commercial Real Estate in a small market

Wow, it happened, my first blog post.  First off, I want to thank Sallie Aceto at Sallie B. Designs for helping me tweak what I obviously didn’t know.  Secondly, I want to thank Duke Long for encouraging me to tell it how it is, no sugar coating.

Commercial Real Estate in a small market is tough and cut throat, but it is no different than a larger city.  Yes, the deals are few and far between but they make you appreciate the closing table even more.  While I work in what is defined as a secondary or tertiary market I am able to keep up with most of the deals and deal-makers.  What is great about Commercial Real Estate in a small market is the relationships.  This fundamental premise to the practice is exemplified when working in a small market.  Now, you are probably thinking yeah right, well I can assure you that if you are reading this from some fancy Class A building in uptown Charlotte or wherever, you have more people currently walking around outside than I do in one zip code.  Relationships, I found are explicitly important to what I do.  These relationships take time but I was willing to work for them.  It is my hope that I can show that my small market is no different than your large one.  More importantly, I want you to know that I am the expert in my small market.  Why I am the expert, I like to think that I paid my dues.  I kept my head up and listened, survived an economic collapse, obtained the CCIM designation and built some great relationships.  I am striving to work hard each day to provide my clients with what they need in order to make informed decisions.

The point today, is two fold, one is that relationships are the life blood of this business.  Two, if you have heard of Boone or the High Country and need assistance with your Commercial Real Estate have/want/consult let me know I would love an opportunity to be of service.

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