ICSC Carolinas Idea Exchange 2014

Last week I had the opportunity to not only attend ICSC Carolinas Idea Exchange but speak.  Speak on what you say, well Social Media and how I use it and its impact on Commercial Real Estate #CRE.  Back story, last year was my first year attending ICSC Carolinas Idea Exchange.  I attended a session on Social Media which was headed up by John Orr, CCIM.  The panel included Jeff Vinzani, an attorney in Charleston, SC who is the moderator for the ICSC LinkedIn Group.  After the session, introduced myself, connected on Twitter and stayed connected.  A year later John asked if I would be interested in being on the panel and of course said yes.  I read an article recently that said to give a good presentation you have to be prepared.  So prepare is what I did and contacted two greats of #CRE Social Media in my opinion, Duke Long and Allen Buchanan.  Sometimes it is important to get out onto paper what is in your head.  More importantly, these two gentlemen took the time out of their day to talk to me.  I am truly grateful and shows just how the #CRE community is not a back-stabbing steal your client industry its a place where people are willing to help you out, be a sounding board and give advice.

The panel this year was great, moderated by Jeff other panelists included Liz McCary with Colliers International South Carolina, Julie Augustyn with Office Depot and myself.  We gave what I thought was real and practical advice to a wide array of questions and concerns about Social Media.

While I won’t state all that was said I do want to share some points that I made that will hopefully help you navigate the world of Social Media.  I believe that it is important to know your audience, who is your customer?  I believe in consistency, are you constantly tweeting or blogging, etc.  I believe in timing, regardless of what pictogram you saw on LinkedIn last month, this is solved through good old trial and error.  I am currently working with a 1:30pm distribution however I am thinking of going back to 8:30am.  I really agree with what Liz said which is that she sees better results with organic posts over different platforms then pushing the same thing over three or four platforms.  I also gave a shout out not only to the two greats mentioned above but also The News Funnel and The Broker List.  Two great sites that I recommend to any #CRE practitioner.

Our business continues to be relationship based.  We will always need to have the “belly to belly” interaction or pick up the phone and talk.  Although connecting through Twitter or LinkedIn seems to make it all the more easier.  I attached a few pictures only because it was a memory that I won’t forget for a long time.  Many of the participants came up to me afterwards and said that they enjoyed the presentation and found the information presented to be useful and insightful.  I hope it will be the first of many opportunities.

From left to Right: Liz McCary, Jeff Vinzani, James Milner, CCIM and Julie Augustyn

From left to Right: Liz McCary, Jeff Vinzani, James Milner, CCIM and Julie Augustyn

Attendees at the ICSC #carIDEX Social Media session

ICSC Social Media Panel

James Milner, CCIM provides commercial real estate brokerage, leasing and consulting services in northwest North Carolina. 

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